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February 28 - April 8
In cooperation with PrayWORLD! and Seek God For The City

Forty days of prayer for global spiritual awakening. Christians around the world
praying together in hope for their cities and nations.

Join millions of Christians across the world in forty days of united prayer for global spiritual awakening by commiting to join us for PrayUSA! 2001. Organize your family, prayer group, church or neighborhood to participate in this global prayer iniative.
TOOLS for PrayUSA! 2001

40-Day Reproducible Master Calendar

The single-sheet, reproducible prayer calendar.
FREE to those who send a business-size, self-addressed, stamped envelope.
12 copies for a $4 Donation, Postage Paid

Audio Prayer Calendar

Our audio cassette version for use in your personal prayers,
automobile, prayer group or radio broadcast, etc.
$7 Donation, Postage Paid

Calendar Kit

12 copies of this single-sheet, reproducible prayer calendar, along with a single copy of the beautiful 64-page Expanded Prayer Calendar.
$7 Donation, Postage Paid

7-Minute PrayUSA! Video

An anointed video for church services and home cell groups.
$11 Donation, Postage Paid

"Seek God For The City" Extended Calendars

A beautiful 64-page E-X-P-A-N-D-E-D PRAYER CALENDAR.
$4 Donation, Postage Paid


1. Call toll-free: 1-888-PRAYUSA We accept credit cards & Check-By-Phone

2. Send check or money order to:

7710-T Cherry Park Dr., PMB 224
Houston, TX 77095

For other prayer related items, visit:

God is shaping America with prayer.

Thanks for "Praying America Back to God!"

This calendar is available in other major languages
easily downloadable at


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