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London Christian


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 LCA Purpose
      Our goal is to prepare children and youth to face changing times with principles that never change!  The future of our nation will soon rest in the hands of the next generation.  By providing a complete academic curriculum with a Biblical foundation you can be confident that your son or daughter is prepared to fact the challenges in their future. 
LCA History
   The London Christian Academy was founded in 1975 as a ministry arm of the First Pentecostal Church of London, Kentucky.  It was established with the purpose of providing academic training in a Christian enviroment.  Hundreds and hundreds of students have been blessed with the opportunity to attend LCA.
LCA Curriculum

   Students at L.C.A. receive education with a "personal touch".  The "School of Tomorrow" curriculum is individually prescribed to match strengths and weaknesses of your child.  The curriculum provides not only excellent academics, but also Bibical philosophy.
   Our curriculum also includes:

       *  K4 through College Preparatory
*  Basic Reading Instruction
       *  Computer Enhanced Learning


 LCA Philosophy

    Our objective in providing a Christian School is to obey the scriptural imperative of Deuteronomy 6:5-7.  We believe that parents are ultimately responsible for the training of their children.  Our school staff works closely with parents and expects their involvement and support.  L.C.A.  stands without apology for the old-time Gospel and the highest standards of morality and Christian Behavior.


   LCA Staff

   We are blessed with supervisor, monitors, and administrators who who not only are educationally qualified, but, more importantly, are spiritually qualified and view their work as a calling and  ministry.


   For questions or comments about London Christian academy; you
  can E-Mail the school by clicking the following link:



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