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 First Pentecostal Church
Favorite Links

Sunday School:   This page is intended to help you with ideas, approaches, and encouragement to help your church grow through a vital, active, and empowered Bible Teaching program.

Institute of Basic Life Principles (Bill Gothard):   The Institute in Basic Life Principles is a non-profit organization that serves government leaders, strengthens families, and supports churches and businesses.

Character Link: CharacterLink is a specialized Internet access service designed for those
who are looking for protection from damaging content which is easily accessible with unprotected Internet access.

OBI:  Ozark Bible Institute & College:      Ozark Bible Institute and College is located in Neosho Missouri, in the gateway of the Ozarks.  They have trained men and women for pastoral and evangelistic work, Christian education, missions, and ect.  for over 25 years.

AMEN - Bill Burkett:      This Christian web site isn't for superficial Christians!  It's chock full of resources, reference material, and books that makes a great resource for any Christian.

LONDON, Laurel County, Kentucky Home Page:   This is a page that gives a little insight and background into our city of London, Kentucky. 

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