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First Pentecostal Church

 Mission News


... Behold, I say unto you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest. (John 4:35)

First Pentecostal Church of London, Ky supports a number of Missionaries 

with Prayer and financial support.  God is blessing in the reaping of the 

harvest through the prayer of the saints and the work of faithful men and
women who are wholly given in the task of spreading the Gospel of Jesus
Christ to the lost and dying world.  Please uphold these men and women in
prayer that God would be with them and bless their ministries as they further
Gods Kingdom.

Country Working
E-Mail Address
Web Page Address
Charles Akers Venezeula
Penny Akers Mexico
Bill Burkett Missionary/Evangelist
Mark Brand France
Craig Benner Mexico
David Cook Philippines
Scott Ennis Nigeria
Marvin French Mexico
Free Gospel Bible Ins. Export, PA
Greg Francis Mexico
Davig Haag South Africa
Kurt Haas South Africa
Robert Holmes Nigeria
Gene Huff Missionary/Evangelist
Ozark Bible Institute Neosho, MO
Pentecostal Children's Home Barbourville, Ky
Prem Pradham Nepal
Phil Rojak Solomon Island
Joseph Shunkis Peru
Sierra Leone Mission West Africa
Alan Sumner Honduras
Jake Sumner Honduras
Scott Sumner Honduras
Tim Stoker Guatemala
Roger Sheppard Bartlesville, OK (Pioneer)
Mike Metzger Missoula, MT (Pioneer)
Debra Sparkman Mexico
Owen Mincks South Dakota (Indians)
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